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Oscar Pistorius

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  1. Compass Rose

    Compass Rose

    I realize this has nothing to do with Ballard, but since it's all over the bloody news, I'm guessing other people here are probably thinking about it too.

    What do you think? Was it pre-meditated? I suppose his story could be true (that he thought there was a burglar and shot his girlfriend by mistake), but it seems very unlikely.

    He just happened to go outside and get a fan in the middle of the night just before his girlfriend went into the bathroom, so therefore he thought she was still in bed?

    Why would the girlfriend lock herself in the bathroom unless it was to keep him out? (lending credence to the claim that they'd had a fight)

    And why would his first thought be that it was an intruder in the bathroom, not his girlfriend who was staying overnight?

    On the other hand, he could be telling the truth.


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