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"Stop and smell the purses, wallets"

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  • Started 1 year ago by gracie
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  1. gracie


    I bought a very cool bag this past weekend at GW to carry my tablet in. The original tags were still on it. Brand new. So I didn't do my usual "sniff test" on it. And now I have to throw it away. I started smelling something by my desk, in my car and narrowed it down to the bag. It smells like a body that has been dead for long time (and yes, I have smelled that before). That smell permeates everything in a house - went to an estate sale & whole house smelled like that. Turned out guy had died in bed & found sometime later. And they were trying to sell the bed - you could see where his head had been on the bed with giant stain. Very weird house - round bed and handcuffs on the wall and videos with different guy's names on them. I didn't walk - I ran out of that place <figuratively speaking>
    Few years back I bought a real leather beautiful purse at GW and didn't even think about the sniff test. I put my wallet, checkbook, etc in it. In my car next morning could faintly smell something, then at work same smell. I picked up the purse & it reeked of that very distinctive smell. I was sad I had to chuck it because it was exactly what I was looking for.
    So instead of "stop and smell the roses", stop and smell the purse, wallet at stores like this before you buy. I should have known last weekend. Live and learn!

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