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Woodland Skate Park, Attn: Parents

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  1. sfg


    I'm mirroring my post from the Phinneywood forum regarding the Skate Park in lower Woodland:

    Skate parks generally police themselves, skaters have a certain code. On Saturday (Feb 23) afternoon there was a kid (roughly high school age) who brought 2 very excited dogs, off leash, into the skate park. Kid thought it was cool that the dogs were chasing him and barking while he skated. I figured someone would tell him off but it was not before one of the dogs just up and bit my 7 year old son on the arm. No blood but a nice bite mark, a lot of tears, scared to death and it's still visible 3 days later. Of course I was most interested in my son and I kind of let the dog-kid slide when I should have really made a stink. The kid tied the dog to the railing and he actually did come over to apologize. Later, another parent approached me about the same dog having bit her son on the leg, this time with a little blood. Soon after, the kid and the dogs were gone and I'm quite sure he was told to leave.

    Mostly I wish I had really told the kid off and made a lot of noise but I didn't. So I'm concerned that he didn't get the point and might try it again. Next time, someone could get seriously hurt. It's a long-shot I know but maybe the parents will see this post and somehow the kid will get the message, NOT COOL! I hope it doesn't happen again.

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