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  1. gracie


    FINALLY got Pickles in for her surgery this morning. I have to admit I'm really nervous - full well knowing tens of thousands of this procedure is done all the time. I realized bringing her over had forgot to get microchipped before so doing that while she is under. She may have to come home with one of those "cone head" collars on - depends on how she acts afterwards. Swear she is part porcupine as when she gets scared/stressed she sheds a thousand times more than normal. Poor vet was covered with white hair as she held her. I still have not found a good grooming brush, comb, whatever that works and almost to the point of not wearing dark colors.
    So keep good thoughts about Pickles. I know I'll be waiting for the call it's all done & she's fine. She will be coming home late today.

    Posted 1 year ago #