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my stepdog Action Jackson

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  • Started 1 year ago by PDaddymom
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  1. PDaddymom


    Action Jackson

    I didn't expect to grow to love someone else's dog so much. At first, he was my neighbor's dog who barked when I passed by but wagged his tail furiously when I stopped to say hello. Then later things changed and suddenly he was the dog of the guy I was going out with. Don't ask me how that happened, I could never have guessed it would. Now, I have known and spent time with Jackson for almost 3 years. He is my stepdoggy. My Jacksy. My friend. And Jason's partner in crime. But unfortunately, he is now my pup pup with cancer. He of course doesn't know his time is limited, just that he doesn't feel good and can't do the things he used to. But he still tries - he still plays - still loves his food - still barks when appropriate to keep us safe. And most importantly, he is still the most awesome dog on the planet and loves loves loves his people just the same as he always has.

    I will miss my Jacksy terribly. And Jason will miss his Action Jackson aka his "kid". I will treasure the times we all spent together lying in a big heap on the couch and on the bed. I will miss the walks that Jackson and I took together without Jason when I could pretend he was my most awesome dog. I will miss the way he would snarl fiercely when I would approach him with my hand like a claw, and then he would break out into a big smile and cover me with kisses. He could chomp my hand off at any time since he had tough guy jaw strength - but he didn't. He is all bark and absolutely no bite. He is just pure love and devotion and gentleness. I don't know when his time will come or how to say goodbye to my stepdoggy so I will just say - there are lots of toys in doggy heaven with squeakers that need to be silenced and with stuffing that needs to be torn out and spread all about.. Well, it turns out I don't want to say goodbye, so when the time comes, I will just say - see ya later Jacksy. I love you.

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