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Shout out to my neighbor!!!

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  • Started 1 year ago by gracie
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  1. gracie


    I want to do a shout out to my neighbor. (won't put his name so this can miscontrued as gossip or whatever :) ) I'll call him John. He has done so many things for me, with never a complaint, volunteers to do it & won't take anything for doing it. My outside dining set the chairs were trash - the seat cushions I had left out to the elements and were destroyed. I had asked him if he would cut out new forms & then I would get material, etc to cover them. Not only did he cut out the new seats (of better wood) but he also covered them. He had me pick out the material & they look better than the day I got them. He also got my solar powered fountain going as we were talking & said he would like to trim this bush the hummingbirds love. I said okay;left for awhile & came back and it was trimmed! Then later I locked my keys in my car & him and his wife called AAA & I got my keys. About a year ago or so I had put a small raised garden bed in half of my parking - and I was continually afraid a car would back into it - as I had had that happen many times damaging pots, etc. He came up with idea of putting fence around it. I didn't want anything permanent there & said I always wanted a picket fence across the front of my yard to keep pets in. He showed me some he had retrieved from his neighbors who replaced their fencing. It looked pretty ragged to me. Well came home one day & there was the fence up. I was going to paint it white or tan & he said BORING. I now am the very proud owner of a reddish fence. It looks AWESOME & matches my front door. Again, he wouldn't take anything. What a guy. He loves his wife so much and visa versa. Super couple. He has done so many things for me. He won't take anything but a thank you and I really wish there was something I could get him. He is a jack of all trades, does beautiful work and him and his wife are wonderful people that I feel very fortunate to call my friends.

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