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Nice weather - be extra watchful for jaywalkers

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  1. phoo


    I was driving down 15th when two pedestrians darted out on the street jogging. Just past walgreens I think? Definitely not in a crosswalk or at a street corner. Maybe they expected me to just keep sailing while they jogged toward my car, then go behind me? I'm not sure, but I came to an abrupt halt, trying not to hit them. The guy was almost in front of my car at that point, pretty close to arm's reach. I think I was only going 20mph, because I'd just started going at the light. He asked me "What the hell are you doing?" I came to a stop as soon as I saw they intended to jog across the street without waiting for cars. Scary. If I'd been going the speed limit, it's hard to say if I would have been able to stop in time.

    Posted 1 year ago #