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Seattle PI scam and theft

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    Steve D

    On Tuesday Nov 25th, an Asian man came to my 83 year old mother's house on Sunset Hill.
    She opened the door and he said he was her new news delivery person from the Seattle PI and wanted to introduce himself. He was, of course, a confidence man and thief. My Mom said he was so kind and personaable, asking questions about her cat and if she had any special delivery instructions, etc. He then asked her for a glass of water. By the time she returned, he had stolen $130 cash from her purse and was driving away in his car. Luckily, he took nothing else and she was not hurt. And she will never let anyone else in the house again that she doesn't know. I beleve he preys on elderly women who live alone, which there are quite a few of in Ballard.
    The Times and PI do NOT send out carriers to meet their customers, so please spread the word to all you know to watch out for this scam. Anyone else heard of this?

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