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Holiday Pies- from the Phinney page- Excellent idea!

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  1. Jules


    From the Greenwood/Phinney page:
    "And here’s a little tidbit about the GSC that we just discovered - you can forgoe your own holiday baking and buy your holiday pies from the GSC. Every Wednesday from now through Dec. 23, the Senior Center will have pies for sale: fruit, lemon meringue, holiday favorites like pumpkin and pecan, and some specialty pies, will be available to order and pick up at the GSC. Prices range from $7-$12 depending on the size and flavor. There’s also a selection of small, individual-size pies."

    It would seem like an most excellent idea to get pies made for the holiday by someone's mom or grandma, instead of a bakery, for the non-bakers or the busy out there,

    Posted 5 years ago #