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Ballard Ski Club/Ski Ride Sharing

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  1. Jules


    Seeing that the ski season may actually come early this year, what do people think about a regular sort of ski-ride sharing system? I frequently go skiing midweek by myself, which seems like a waste of resources.

    BTW, did you know that more people have learned to ski out of the Snoqualmie Pass ski areas than anywhere else in the world? Not the US, the world. And more Seattleites ski, per capita, than any other city in America...and that includes Salt Lake City, (30 minutes to some of the best skiing in the world) and Denver, CO. Not a skier? This might be a good year to learn...the areas up at Snoqualmie Pass offer a package of 3 beginner lessons, 3 lift tickets and 3 ski/snowboard rentals for $119.http://www.summitatsnoqualmie.com/info/winter/ez_2_learn.asp

    (I usually have a season pass at the Pass, but am open to Stevens and Crystal as well.)

    (By "skier" you may substitute the word "snowboarder" as well.)

    Posted 5 years ago #