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What's your least favorite Ballard business?

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  • Started 4 years ago by Nazzgul
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  1. Nazzgul


    I thought I'd start a *negative* thread about who and what our least favorite Ballard businesses are, in the hopes that we each may air some grievances, hail festivus!...2 months belated.

    Sonic Boom records. P**sies wouldn't know rock n' roll if Satan himself rode in on a horse with a flying V guitar and laid waste to the lot of those alt-indie-emo wimps.

    Waterwheel Lounge. Charges $8 for a shot of (Sauza) Hornitos tequila! At a sh*t hole of a dump to boot. I'd understand it at an airport or at the space needle...nowhere else. Especially not in a quonset hut with a mine field for a parking lot.

    Ballard Oil Co. Pirates. You'll know it if you've used them for oil heating.

    Maritime Brewery. I just don't like their beers' collective funk. Like Henry Weinhard's, all of their products have a common stink. I prefer Hale's, Georgetown, or Elysian for local ales.

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