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Food, Inc - where does our meat come from?

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  • Started 4 years ago by ballardmama
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    I just watched a documentary called Food, Inc (I highly recommend it!) and it got me thinking again about where the meat my family eats come from. To save money, I only buy and cook whole chickens and I noticed awhile ago that the Ranger brand chickens from the company Draper Valley Farms, have a lot more fat than the regular Draper Valley Farm chickens. Like twice or three times as much fat - as though they may have the option to be free range chickens but instead they are "sit in front of the tv and drink big gulps" chickens.

    Between that getting me wondering about what's up with these chickens and now watching a documentary about the horrendous condition of animals raised for mass-market meats, I would like to go tour both the Draper Valley Farms processing plant in Mt Vernon and visit one of their actual farms where the chickens are raised. I'm not sure they'll let me (which to me is a big red flag) but if they do, does anyone want to go with me? I think it would be very interesting and quite possibly push me to find a new place to get my chicken. Alas, with the "maximum three chicken" rule in Seattle I'm not going to be raising my own chickens to eat. Plus, with arthritis, plucking a chicken would be torture.

    A friend and I are thinking of going in on half a cow together this fall. Half a cow could easily feed our family for a year. Here's a local farm that some friends of ours have gotten their dead cow from: http://quailsrunfarm.com/default.aspx

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