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The Tunnel

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  • Started 4 years ago by Nora Charles
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  1. Nora Charles

    Nora Charles

    "The Stand" - my teeth chatter thinking about that story.

    Do you realize how the landscape of the entire Cascade neighborhood is about to change? Talk about BUSY...lotsa traffic coming out around the brand spankin' new Gates Foundation Campus, the Seattle Center, McDonalds and all the businesses and apartments north of Denny, east of the Space Needle and West of Dexter Avenue. Uh huh...a bustling with movement 24/7.

    I work over there - WDOT has condemned our building - its going to be the site of the light rail sub-station. Not too far away from our building location the tunnel will end and cars will be back out on the open road...probably in droves...just like always and then some - I-99 like traffic...all the time. Busy, busy, busy.

    The tunnel project is moving along...WDOT is on our street drilling for soil samples. Makes a TON of noise and I can feel the building vibrate from the drilling they are doing. Slightly unsettling.

    I'm one of those ones against the tunnel...some say its a done deal and others sound hopeful it wont happen. What do you think?

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