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Pet Food Bank

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  1. Jules


    From the post on Grocery outlet: someone was saying that food stamps don't cover pet food.

    Well, the Seattle Humane Society does have a Pet Food Bank for low income people.

    This is an incredibly worthy organization, and I would urge pet owners to donate to them. I am copying their wish list from their website.Donations of money are always welcome as well. You know, the next time you are at Value Villiage, you might want to pick up a dog or cat bowl, or a fleece blanket...then on to PetSmart, when you buy some food for your feline/canine friend, why not get a little gift card for the Seattle Humane Society, or pick up a few extra cans of food to donate to those who have trouble afffording the food for their companion?

    •Fleece Blankets (Kennels)
    •Medium, Large and Extra Large Dog Crates (Dog Foster Program)
    •Gently used Bath Towels and Wash Cloths (Adoption)
    •Extra large Kongs
    •Canned pate type dog food (for stuffing into kongs for adoption dogs)
    •Natural Balance dog food rolls
    •Gentle Leaders
    •Easy-Walk Harnesses
    •Sandwich Baggies for treats
    •Stainless Steel Bowls 2 - 4 quart
    •Ceramic food bowls 1 quart
    •Exercise pens (Dog Training)
    •Dry and Canned cat food
    •Cat and dog toys
    •Advantage flea treatment (Pet Project)
    •Clumping cat litter (Pet Project)
    •Non-expired medications especially Rimadyl (Pet Project)
    •New Scratching Posts (Pet Project/Pet Food Bank)
    •4" solid rubber balls for the dogs to play with (Kennels)
    •Disposable surgery gowns and booties (Veterinary Center)
    •Care Fresh small animal bedding (Adoption Center)
    •New or gently used plastic cat carrier and large dog crates (Pet Project and Adoption Center)
    •Professional Services - Plumbing, Electrical, Carpet Cleaning (Facilities)
    •Gift Cards to Petsmart or Petco (All Animal Services)
    •Wiring and installation of a sound system so we can play classical music to calm the animals.
    •Portable air conditioning unit for our server room.
    •Laptops, Desktop PC's and Software
    Packaged, unopened and not expired for Veterinary Center:

    •3X3 or 4X4 gauze
    •Scalpel blades
    •Bandage material, roll gauze, vet wrap, etc.
    •IV line, IV fluids, catheters
    •Non-expired medication
    •Surgical instruments
    •Pre-filled 5ml and 10 ml saline syringes- Please no HEPARIN LOCK
    •Baby scale
    •X-ray machine, developer, supplies
    •Pulse-ox or monitoring equipment
    •Coffee Cans, clean and empty
    •Disposable surgery gowns and booties

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