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Anyone get their car prowled in Sunset Hill last night?

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  1. Jules


    I heard the sound of breaking glass in the wee small hours and called the cops. Anyone get broken into? Since I've had my car broken into twice, AND had an entire cord of cedar stolen once (heard a noise, didn't call the cops as was flying overseas the next morning, didn't think anything of it...went out, all firewood GONE!) I was wondering if anyone had a car broken into.

    It's so quiet up here you can hear a mouse fart, or a sea lion bark, and I was awake. I hope it wasn't a residential burglery, either- with so many people out of town for the holiday, it would be days until they found out.

    So, I hope it was a false alarm...but, the sound of breaking glass is unmistakable.

    Posted 4 years ago #