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adios muchachos

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  1. stopgo


    well folks, it has been a fun ride. With paternity leave expiring for me tomorrow, I will no longer have the time or energy to maintain the level of notoriety and fame that I have enjoyed on this board. Since I do not believe in doing things half-assed, I am bidding farewell to the myballard community. I would much rather burn out than fade away.

    To my friends that I love - so long. cdpenne, you are man of extraordinary measure, and I am really pleased you are making the community better and standing up for people and what you believe. pennygirl is the only person I listen to on here. Goodbye.

    To my enemies - I'm sorry I had to make you lose so many arguments to me day after day. Ya'll never had a chance in the world of putting two thoughts together. You are now free to spew your idiocy.

    To my sponsors - Thanks for the support ($$$) and believing in our cause over the last year or so. It has been a magical ride, and we made much progress against many corrupt institutions. The Geeky Swedes owe our organization big time for all the extra traffic.

    Your hero (yes, I really did save a dog in my Maserati)

    Stopgo Out!

    Posted 4 years ago #