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Man attacked, beaten at Golden Gardens

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    I know it upsets some people to read another Ballard crime post, but the crimes keep happening. In this case, I think a police presence would have made a big difference. Why does Alki beach merit the big SPD RV/Command Unit and lots of officers and Golden Garden gets zero proactive SPD presence? Why not assign a couple of officers (on bikes perhaps) to stay within the park boundaries on summer nights when the crowds are out?

    Mayor Nickels, are you listening? (Oh wait, you live in West Seattle, so you probably think every big waterfront park is patrolled like Alki! Kinda like that B+ you gave the snow response in December while they were out plowing your street.)

    "A man in his mid 20s was taken to an emergency room Sunday night May 31st after a group of seven men attacked him at Golden Gardens, apparently breaking his jaw.

    According to a police report released Friday, the victim said he didn't get a good look at his attackers, who assault him after claiming he was a rapist. Friends who went to a Golden Gardens fire pit with the victim didn't recognize the attackers, and the victim told police he'd done nothing wrong.

    No arrests have been made in the case."

    Read the narrative from the police report, redacted by police, here:


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