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    Christmastime Kindness

    I witnessed an act of kindness yesterday I wanted to share, especially as it’s Christmastime. There are 5 homeless tents at edge of the Ballard Commons Park, just like the tented encampments all over Seattle, these people struggle to survive every day.

    I walked by and stopped to pet a gorgeous Malamute with blue eyes and talked to the owner who is also homeless, just then a well dressed older woman came up to us asking, “Do you know who lives in the tent?” (pointing towards the closest one) The guy told her 2 women did (one of them, named Jan is 61, I talked to her the other day and learned her name). The older lady handed me a two $20 bills to give to the women in the tent and gave one to the homeless guy who owns the dog. She said to tell the women Merry Christmas. I was moved! How kind of this lady to do that for strangers. Especially strangers that many people in the city ignore every day, thinking the homeless as uncomfortable, dirty, annoying, and tainted with alcohol or substance abuse.

    The 5 tents are being removed by police on Monday (so said signs recently hung up around the park) and now those women will have a tiny bit of Christmas comfort as they upheave their lives in search of a place to live. I’m sure their lives are a struggle every day, and especially in this cold weather, rather miserable too.

    This lady gave 3 homeless strangers $60 and made me realize a huge sentiment that seems to be rare these days: compassion.



    I’d hate to be 61 and living in a tent. So confused about what is right for the homeless in Seattle. I miss my parks, I miss Ballard Library being a place for families. But I also have great empathy for many of the people living on the streets and in the parks and know that we as a society should do better by them. But I have no answer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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