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    Raised bed

    Hey all. We’ve lived on the same street (east of 8th and south of Market) for almost 15 years, and have to admit, I’ve never been the best at locking my car at night, but have NEVER had any issues with theft… Well, last night someone stole my phone charger and a pill box of OTCs from my center console. Lesson learned. My husband’s reaction, “Welcome to the New Ballard.” Lock yo’ doors, peeps! I sure hope they enjoy the Children’s Advil. Grrrr.



    Sorry that happened to you, but it is not due to the “New Ballard..” I have lived on 17th for 28 years. Our cars have been broken into and looted maybe five or six times over the years. We do live by the high school.

    Also, re: the gargoyle theft thread, someone stole my buddha out of my front yard about 15 years ago. Sigh.



    We are more toward the Fremont side of things, but we also have had our car rifled pretty regularly over the last 25 years.



    I have heard from friend who lives in that area car thefts, prowls have increased. Suppose that could be verified by police. Sorry that happened.



    I had my old car broken into a lot when I lived on Crown Hill in the mid-90s and used to know of many neighbors whose cars were hit down by the Locks, I think these days we just hear about these things more



    Nothing new about car prowls. There have been druggy types hoping for quick cash in cars for forever. Stop griping and believing in the NEW Ballard hype



    I have lived in Ballard from 1975-6 and 1986 to now. In 1987 I lived on 77th near 14th and had my Jeep Cherokee broken into and stuff stolen since then I have made a point of never leaving anything visible in the car that would be tempting to a thief, locking all doors and turning on the alarm- never had a break-in since.



    Yup. We’ve had waves of car prowls on my block over the 20+ years I’ve been here. Actually, I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying this, but I think it was worse 10-15 years ago.


    Jimmy Rustler

    I live just east of 8th and north of Market St. My wife saw the car prowler checking cars the other night. She was blonde and late 40’s/early 50’s.

    Here’s the kicker: after she walked around the block staring into cars, she goes to our neighbors’ house and hangs out with them in their garage. This is not the first time I’ve seen suspicious looking characters hanging out in that garage. . .



    Here’s one way to deal with it…

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