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    Monorail Driver

    Whoever the mystery fireworks person is, that show was amazing. We thank you.


    great idea

    I agree that was a pretty spectacular display!

    how funny that there is that whole other thread where people were hoping the police would come by and round all these hooligans up.
    it was a well-timed, independence day show. and by show, I mean that most of the fireworks were visuals and not the loud booms that upset everyone.

    someone certainly shelled (pun intended) out some good cash to make that happen. I was telling my kids at times it was like lighting up a twenty dollar bill every 2-3 seconds. I’ll bet they dropped a few grand and we appreciated it.

    my dog would’ve hid under the bed either way.



    I agree, that guy was great! I wish I knew who he was or had taken the time to thank him. What a terrific surprise and a generous gesture. The best part was seeing him (I assume it was him) silhouetted with his arms outstretched like “YESSSSS, THIS IS IT!”

    Thank you, mystery Fireworks Jesus!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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