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    Hi MyBallardites,
    In a moment of perhaps folly I committed to finding 10 high quality Foster Parent(s) in the next six months. The YMCA is seeking what we think of as a traditional foster parent who will have a child living full-time with them in the home. But they are also seeking respite foster parents. A respite foster parent may have a child with them one weekend a month plus two or three extra days to give the regular foster parent a little time off or may cover a week long vacation for a foster parent. Being a respite foster parent gives someone the chance to see if being a foster parent is the right choice for them before making a long-term commitment.

    I know that not everyone can be a foster parent but you can still help by letting me know of organizations you are involved with whose members may be interested in hearing about foster parenting. I can come to Church Fellowships, Workplaces, PTA and other Community meetings and provide a short presentation on foster parenting.

    Foster parenting is a challenge but it also can be very rewarding. But more to the point, all the children in our community deserve someplace safe and comforting to live, even for just short periods of time. You can reach me at Thanks.

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