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    Is anyone else inundated with them? Is the warm weather increasing populations? I ask because in December we lost a cat who quickly caught and ate any fly that made it in. Is it always this bad and our little biocontrol agent kept them in check? I am thinking even she could not have eaten this many!



    I seldom have any flies inside. I usually only open screened windows and I let the spiders camp out in their corners, which I’m sure helps.

    Helpful hint: flies can’t see clear plexiglass coming their way. I had a clear clipboard that eliminated many a fly in its day.


    great idea

    we have seen a large uptick in flies this year (both house flies and fruit flies).

    although I like to think our chickens are responsible, we did not have nearly the issue in past years with poultry.

    it’s gotten much better in the last few weeks, but the late spring was difficult.



    Thanks for the tip, GAM. We have screens on the windows, but in this weather we have been opening doors too. I think there are more. Princess Zoe couldn’t have eaten this many!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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