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    I was curious to see if anyone agreed with petition. I personally think it is rather absurd.


    BUFFALO, NY – A petition filed on change.org calls on the City of Buffalo to change its name.

    The petitioner, identified in the post as Mark Beasley, a proclaimed member of the Navajo Nation, says the name “Buffalo” is, “offensive and racist.”



    Oh no. You know that has serious repercussions:
    1. You’ll be required to change your handle here
    2. Buffalo burgers will be outlawed
    3. Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump will need to change its name too. (no, I didn’t make that up: http://history.alberta.ca/headsmashedin/)



    what the heck will Buffalo Wings be called then?



    This is soooooo ridiculous. that is a stretch to say racist. The original concept of political correct was ok. Then like so many things it is misused. At one time at work a political correct trainer came and said wasn’t to say how was your weekend or compliment a person. I am so over ridiculous, unfouded uses of p.c. remember when french fries was called something else? Didn’t last long.



    I’m inclined to think satire is at play here. That area is rife with Indian names co-opted for all sorts of geographical locations (just like our neck of the woods). Why pick “Buffalo” to start with, for goodness sake?

    So can we give Buffalo an unpronounceable squiggle a la Prince?



    I have not bothered to verify this “fact”, but I was once told that the name of the city of Buffalo was actually a corruption of the French words “beau fleuve” or “beautiful river”. If so, the suit has no bearing.



    Buffalo was actually named after a body of water, Buffalo Creek, not sure who named the body of water or for what reason, do not believe the American Bison or any buffalo of any kind was ever a native to that thar area. wtf?
    Actually, Honolulu is far more offensive to me, any kind of Lulu in fact…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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