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    Gawd, house rental so high, probably penis rental too. Any chance of leasing a vagina?
    Mark, mental illness can strike anywhere, any place, any time, your time is now1



    No more preachings on “penis houses”;) & no more adds on this site. Poor little fragile hipsters and have to find a new trendy meeting place.

    Two weeks after its flamboyant pastor resigned under fire, Mars Hill Church announced Friday that it was essentially dissolving and urged its local branches to become independent churches.

    Church officials said they plan to sell Mars Hill’s buildings and other assets and use the proceeds to pay off its staff before letting them go, according to a post on its website. What money remains, church leaders said, would be used to help existing churches reorganize as independent operations.



    In other words, choose your leaders carefully.



    People should stop being “sheep”. If people read about the origins of the three main religions they might not follow people like Mark Driscoll so quickly and easily. FYI by the the three I mean Judaism, Christianity and followers of the religion of Islam.
    As-salamu alaykum



    It took 18 years to build Mars Hill and then it went from being the darling of the New York Times to disbanded in a little under a year. What is amazing is how fast the money vanished; the article makes it sound as if they can’t make the final payroll. I imagine a forensic accountant will need to be brought in to sort through the mess that is left behind. I sincerely hope that Mark Driscoll did not receive any type of payout when he left.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)

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