Shuttered Seattle restaurant Paseo sold at auction for $91,000

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    This just in…Shuttered Seattle restaurant Paseo sold at auction for $91,000.

    And most importantly it didn’t include the recipes for those wondering…still to me that price seems really low.



    I wonder if the Key West location is still open?

    too bad the recipes weren’t included, that was the real amazing part was the mix of herbs and spices they used which of course where kept very secret, only the owner and his sons were ever allowed to know that part.



    At first I thought it was low but without the recipes the name doesn’t mean much. And they don’t own the bldgs so no real estate. I just want one more amazing tofu sandwich.



    your obligatorily Paseo’s update, Fremont location to reopen soon:

    Paseo to reopen; new owner plans no changes

    His first priority is getting the Fremont shop back up and running, “as people remember it.” Then he’ll think about reopening the second location near Shilshole.



    Without some skill in back engineering those recipes, it won’t have “no changes.”



    according to the article they think they did just that:

    Nevertheless, copyright law does not generally apply to recipes, and Santwire said he and a team of former Paseo cooks — who he has rehired for the resurrected shop — already re-created the sandwiches in a secret, daylong session last week. The painstaking, reportedly delicious testing process took place in the kitchen of RockCreek, a seafood restaurant a block away from Paseo in which Santwire is an investor. The cooks, said Santwire, have made the famous marinades and sauces countless times before. “They’re the same people who’ve been cooking the food for eight years,” he said.

    we’ll have to see if the public agrees, I might head over to the Fremont location and try one but much rather have them reopen the Shilshole one as it usually served more people and was open more often.

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