The Bit Saloon to reopen under new ownership

The Bit Saloon (4818 17th Ave NW), which was set to close on November 1, but hung on awhile longer, will reopen under new ownership and possibly a new name later this winter or spring.

Jessica Young and Jamie Bernard are signing papers this week to take over ownership of one of Ballard’s oldest bars. “We were looking for a bar in the Ballard or Fremont area because we really like the neighborhood,” Young tells us. “We had the opportunity to do this and we’re really excited,” Bernard added.

Before opening “as soon as possible,” the two are going to give the old bar a facelift. It will be the same bar, just updated a little bit, “a little more cozy,” Young says. Along with the fresh look, they are talking about changing the name from The Bit Saloon to The Two Bit Saloon. “We don’t want to stray to far from the original name,” Bernard tells us.

The Bit Saloon is closing November 1st

One of Ballard’s oldest bars, The Bit Saloon is closing its doors on November 1st, two employees confirmed to My Ballard. “We’re closing November 1st! Come have a drink or four with us!” exclaims the bar’s MySpace page.

“It’s complicated,” an employee told us, explaining that an effort is already underway to save the bar. Another employee said “The Bit” will close on November 1st, but there’s a chance it will reopen soon thereafter.

The Bit Saloon has been in Ballard since 1947 — originally called John’s Offshore Tavern — and its edgy, dive bar atmosphere is a local favorite. Located in the shadow of the Ballard Bridge, the bar is also home to some of the best local punk/metal acts in Seattle. We’ll post an update as soon as we learn more. (Thanks nuthatch for the tip in the forum!)