Bella’s boutique is closing

You can’t miss the bright “store closing” signs in the windows of Bella’s boutique on Market Street in downtown Ballard.

After a year and a half, the women’s clothing store is going out of business. We spoke with the owner who said that the economy is forcing her to close the Ballard location. Her other store in Olympia is doing well, but the Ballard spot just isn’t making money. The going-out-of-business sale starts on Thursday and will continue until everything is sold. Everything will be at least 30% off. (Thanks everyone for the tip!)

Ballard boutique is setting the pace for fashion

Congratulations to Ballard’s Blackbird boutique! DNR men’s magazine just named them one of the 50 most influential men’s stores in America. In fact they’re #11 on the list of shops that are “setting the pace in men’s fashion,” beating out Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. The top of the list is Barney’s New York, with Seattle’s Mario’s coming in at #9. Blackbird is celebrating its 4th anniversary tomorrow.

Pet boutique coming to Market Street

“I noticed that the first story or two of the building across the street from Ballard Blossom is all boarded up. I’m curious what’s going on there,” GB emailed us. So we did some checking.

According to the employees at Epilogue books and Ballard Blossom, a pet boutique is going in there. The gals didn’t remember the name of the shop but said that there are several other locations in the city.

Boutique switch-a-roo in Ballard, Fremont

If you look in the windows of what used to be Olivine along Ballard Ave., you’ll see bare floors and empty walls.

The popular boutique in Old Ballard closed late last month. The owner moved to Fremont and just opened a new shop called Show Pony on 36th St.

And now a Fremont boutique is planning to move into Olivine’s empty space. Horseshoe is a women’s boutique on 35th St. (photo above) that’s busting at the seams. When it’s owner, Jill Renae Anderson, heard that Olivine was closing, she jumped at the chance to move into the larger space. She plans to close the Fremont shop at the end of the month and open in Ballard in October.

Update: While Show Pony appeared to be open when we went by on Labor Day, the website and voicemail both say the boutique will open on the 13th.

New boutique moving into Ben & Jerry’s spot

A new boutique called Asher Anson is moving into the empty space on Market St. near Ballard Ave. left by the departing Ben & Jerry’s. “Asher Anson provides well-constructed, premium men’s and women’s clothing,” explains their just-launched website. “(We’re) very much looking forward to our opening in August (no solid date yet) and sharing our brands with you!”

Olivine to close, another boutique to open

Last week we wrote about the fact that the popular boutique Olivine is closing. We spoke with the manager today who confirms the store will close in September — it has sold and will re-open as another boutique under a different name. We’re told that the annual sale starts on Friday and will continue until everything is gone. By everything they mean the clothing, the racks, the lights, the fixtures… everything. Local shopping blog SeattleChic also spoke with the owner who has details on where the owner is headed (to Fremont).

Popular boutique on Ballard Ave. closing

We received an email tip from My Ballard reader Gooner who had heard that Olivine on Ballard Ave. is closing. Sure enough, a phone call to the popular shop confirmed that it’s going out of business soon.

The clerk who answered the phone couldn’t give us any details, but did say she didn’t know the exact closing date. She asked us to call back and speak with the manager on Monday. Once we get details we’ll post them here.

Nau no more, Mooberry coming to Fremont

Back in March we wrote about Nau, a socially-conscious boutique going into the old Sonic Boom location in Fremont. Well, Nau has ceased operations due to a lack of funding and sold to another clothing retailer.

Instead, Mooberry will go into the south half of the old Sonic Boom space — to the right of the photo above — and the north half is still available. (Thanks Patricia for letting us know about Nau!)

Strut opens in Greenwood

There’s a new shoe store on the Greenwood/Phinney line.

Strut just celebrated its one-month-anniversary, and it’s not your trendy, high-fashion, puttin’ on the ritz kind of boutique. This one focuses on comfort and style. That’s right – comfort and style. Two words that generally don’t go in the same sentence. When we were there, we saw sandals, flats and pumps for women, shoes for men and even kiddo shoes. The owner said that she was slowly building up the men’s selection and should have more in soon.