Breaking: Two SPD officers shot in downtown Seattle

According to SPD Twitter reports, two officers were shot following police response to robbery near Madison/Western Ave downtown.

SPD is asking for people to please stay out of the area as they investigate. See the area marked in red below:

Downtown commuters, please be aware of this incident when making commute plans to return home.

The My Ballard team will update the post with more information when it is known.

Pedestrian injured in collision with car

A pedestrian was hit by a car at 8th Ave. and 49th St. this afternoon.

Police detained the driver, placing him in handcuffs. A witness at a nearby business say the driver attempted to escape after the collision, but a passerby stopped him by taking his keys away. Another witness says this incident began with an altercation between the driver and the pedestrian.

With the driver detained, the Seattle Animal Shelter arrived to take a dog which was sitting in the car. We’ve contacted SPD for more details on the incident, and we’ll post an update as soon as they provide it.

(First photo from Peter Charbonnier, see more here. Second photo from Rob. Thanks everyone for your tips and photos!)