Tall Grass Bakery robbery stopped by brave neighbors

Late last night, three Ballard men prevented a thief from getting away with robbing the Tall Grass Bakery at 5907 24th Avenue NW.

The robbery happened at 11:30 last night. According to bakery employee Amy Bue, the robber threw a rock through one of the windows of the front doors. Once inside, he emptied the cash register and stole the safe. Two neighbors were sitting on their porch nearby when they heard the glass break, so they called the police and went to investigate. Once they saw the robbery in progress, they hid in the doorway of Cafe Besalu next door, and waited for the man to leave the bakery. When the robber was back on the sidewalk, the men jumped him, and pinned him down. Another man who was en route to QFC helped the other two, detaining the thief until police arrived.

Crime scene evidence: the rock that was used to break the window

Bue says the men who stopped the robbery are Nate, Johnson, and Villici. Emma, another  bakery employee, says they’ll be getting plenty of baked goods for their act of kindness.

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