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    Miss Julie

    Goodness! There were two when I was there this weekend. A number of people must have thrown in the towel on their urban coops at the same time.

    If anyone could use an extra chicken or two in their coops, check out the animal shelter!

    There’s a critter adoption event on Saturday if you want to check them out.


    Nora Bell

    People following a trend figure out taking care of chickens is hard and messy work?


    Miss Julie

    Who knew? Chickens poop and wander around! Go figure.



    Maybe it was the cold weather a few weeks ago.



    What a drag, I love poultry. And the numbers do not lie, I did the math it is still cheaper to buy chicken at Fred Myer



    Hm, they’re not listed on the website. Keeping chickens isn’t hard or messy. They’re much easier than dogs or cats. I would bet some people had to move and couldn’t take their chickens. Fewer and fewer backyards in Ballard these days with all the new development.


    Miss Julie

    The website isn’t always up to date. I foster critters so I had an email from the shelter because they now have limited space for critters at the shelter.


    Avocado Head

    Read that there is a growing problem with abandoned urban chickens. Maybe we will get feral flocks roaming Ballard.

    I remember the wild chickens in Hawaii, and was pretty freaked out when I saw them eating leftover food… at a chicken joint.



    AprilJoy Greenwell

    That’s the first thing I thought when you said “feral flocks roaming Ballard” = Hawaii!

    I wouldn’t mind actually. They eat bugs and spiders and all and nothing wrong with that!



    The chickens, all hens, 11 of them, are being held for “safekeeping”. They were abandoned at a house in South Seattle. The chickens will be available for adoption, pending no claims Saturday, 1/18. They might be posted on the ROMPS site, the missing pets site that the Seattle Animal Shelter hosts. https://web1.seattle.gov/dea/romps/

    The Shelter is open 12-6pm Wednesday-Sunday.



    I thought this was an invitation to a fried chicken picnic



    I don’t think chances of wild chickens are too good around here. Raccoons and coyotes love the idea, but it will be a short party.


    Miss Julie

    I peeked at the chickens this morning, they are all lovely ladies who need a new home ASAP!



    There are actually a bunch of free roaming chickens off the Sammamish River Trail. They have been there for years. They are mostly roosters, so I imagine they were dumped when their former owners discovered they hadn’t come home with the hen they thought they had.



    Yes, I have seen the ones on the Trail. I think they are a self-perpetuating colony, so there must be a hen or two around there! They have been there for many years.

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