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    My sewer is backing up. Anyone know of anyone reasonable?



    So sorry. :(




    I called Fritz recently for sewer rootering and he directed me to Rapid Rooter, who did a great job. My impression is that Fritz does all other drains but not sewers.



    Oh. He did our sewer, but that was a number of years ago. Maybe he has changed his business model. At the time, he was full of amusing stories of all the sewers he has cleared, including one for Bill Gates. I always thought he was teasing on that last one, or maybe it wasn’t THAT Bill Gates.



    I used someone called Plumb Crazy. But it was awhile ago so not sure if still around. Hope so because they were really good.
    Good luck!


    Life is amazing



    Thank you everyone!

    I did call Fritz and he sent two guys, very pleasant, very reasonable.

    I called other folks and was told that the pipe probably needed to be replaced if there’s roots in it. OK, they’re probably right and I’ll probably be happy to do that if anyone has the probable five grand to flush down the drain HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I cracked me up ;)

    Since I just spent 3 grand on a new heater (“are you sure you can’t make it work for one more winter?”) and I’m in the middle of other costly household fixes (the insurance company doesn’t buy that the moss on the roof is a roof garden and that because I don’t have children I shouldn’t have to have railings on my cool old porch) I really appreciate a company that gives you options and is transparent about them -understanding that not everyone can “do it right” and that doing what you can with what you have will have to suffice.

    Anyway, they got it going and I would definitely recommend them.

    Thanks all!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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