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    •Louie’s Cuisine of China closing Sunday, June 29.
    •Restaurant has been in Ballard for 37 years.
    •Property sold for $2.49 million.
    •A letter to customers said another restaurant may open



    It never appealed enough for me to try it, after knowing of its existence for about 22 years. Never saw an ad, either. Was it popular?



    I think initially it was. Lately I wouldn’t know because I found the food not to my taste.



    Old-style American-Chinese fare. Not my fave, but they were nice.



    Another restaurant – or a condo/retail development? That’s a big chunk of property for just a restaurant and a parking lot.

    I’ve never eaten there. Heard it was mediocre, so I never bothered. Ballard could use a good, authentic Chinese restaurant.






    I ate there once years ago, wasn’t to my taste so never went back. I had friends who were huge fans of the place though, be curious to see what goes in next.



    CR – I totally agree with you that Ballard needs a good authentic Chinese restaurant.
    I sure hope it’s not another #$%#^ condo complex, mini housing, ginormous office complex. Enough on that alreay in Ballard. There’s space available all around Ballard on places that have been put up in last few years.


    Nora Bell

    Sad! The food was only so-so, but the staff (especially the bar staff) were really sweet and they had a good happy hour menu. Giant hum bow! I will miss it. And dread what may replace it.



    I’ve always wondered why there’s a lack of good Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown in most cities, including Seattle. You can get good sushi, Thai, etc. outside of the ID, so why not Chinese? I don’t get it.



    Sad. We used to go and sit in the bar and have a few drinks. Very nice people, lots of Ballard originals, and the 80’s decor was awesome. The spot was just too big and central to not fall into the hands of condo developers. I knew it was coming, I just didn’t want to believe it.



    It is sad because it has been there so long but i never did stop and eat at Louie’s.

    Golden City is my favorite Chinese place outside of Chinatown. The Mongolian Beef and Sizzling Rice Soup are the best.


    Jimmy Rustler

    Ballard Mandarin is my favorite. The have great bbq pork.



    We were there last night – my stepdaughter has a long and very happy childhood connection with the place and wanted “one last dinner” – turns out, rather than disappearing into the ethers, they are looking for a new location with better parking so Louie’s will exist “somewhere” – it was jammed packed for Father’s Day, that’s for sure.



    Louies was originally located on 85th and Mary by the Crown Hill Safeway. The best way to describe their food is consistently plain American Chinese. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good but, the bar was solid.



    floyd – you sure you aren’t thinking of Louie’s Barbershop which is still on Mary off 85th behind Safeway?

    I know Louie is passed away but I believe his daughter still runs the barbershop



    I recall years ago it was George Louie’s restaurant and there is a different restaurant at that location now near 14th on 85th. That would be across 85th from Walgreens. Crown Hill Stationery was on the corner of 15th and 85th.



    There is a Moroccan restaurant where George Louies restaurant used to be. We used to get take out there when I was a kid. They changed their name when they opened their new place on 15th.

    Louies the barber shop is just down the street. Louie, and then Carol cut my hair for years. Old school barber, no women or kids were allowed in Saturday morning, only working men. He always had dirty mags, coffee and a bottle in the back.

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