anyone know how to get a hold of the GS and get an answer?

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    Life is amazing

    There seems to be a change in the forum that isn’t working very well. It used to be that when you put something in the classifieds it showed up on the first page of the open forum as well. Now it doesn’t seem to do that.
    That means that if someone found a dog or lost a cat it won’t show up in the scroll. I looked in those two areas and there are a few but they don’t have responses of course.
    There was almost never a lost or found pet that didn’t get a response in the main forum so something isn’t’ working.
    If it shows in the main scroll and you don’t want to read it it’s easy to skip but if you do want to be apprised of those things you have to open three different forums.
    I don’t’ see a negative with how it used to work but I do see a lot of positives.



    I would reccomend anyone who has found or lost a dog or cat use Craigslist or reddit, and contact SAS. There are about 6 people who still follow this site, and it is abundantly clear that the Geeks don’t give a shit enough to follow their own forum, or even reply to emails.

    It’s too bad because other neighborhoods have quality “hyper-local” news coverage (CHS, WSB) but we just get regurgitated press releases, and articles from “news partners” that ran on other sites days earlier. The forum has died off because the whole site doesn’t really have anything to offer.

    Edit: sorry for the rant, but more to your point lia, yes at some point the “recent posts” page stopped working so you don’t see the latest posts grouped together any more.


    Life is amazing

    I know, Ernie, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but I can’t help but wonder if their advertisers realize that there is no one here because the forum was down for so long. I’ve worked in offices and if there was a computer glitch the office didn’t come to a screeching halt for weeks. It doesn’t make sense according to the tech geeks I know.


    Life is amazing

    And you know, if they care about the amount people for their advertisers why don’t they send out a blanket email to all of us in the database, I seem to remember that I had to give an email address to join, saying that it’s up and running? Seems simple to me.


    Sunset Hill Irish

    Life Is Amazing — I would also suggest Nextdoor Ballard as a good place to post about lost and found pets in our neighborhood. While the current number of members is lower than My Ballard during its heyday, it is growing. As an added bonus, the required use of actual names keeps the trolls away, the dialogue civil, and fosters a healthier sense of community. I routinely see lost/found pet posts there.

    I share your and Ernie’s frustrations and bewilderment with the demise of My Ballard and its related forums. I’ve always been puzzled and bemused by the front page’s tendency to post someone else’s event announcements and press releases under a My Ballard byline and the day after an event (I often see the same “story” on other media outlets properly credited to the actual author or sender). But I was and remain dumbfounded at how the most recent forum failure was mishandled by the Geeky Swedes.



    Isn’t Nextdoor Ballard also run by the Geeky Swedes?



    no MyBallard is owned by Next Door Media which is a completely different entity from which is based out of San Francisco



    When the forum was down all that time, I contacted the email given to contact about advertising and that got an actual human to answer.


    Life is amazing

    OK I’ve kept this to myself because it just seemed too mean and maybe it was a coincidence but I kept trying to contact them about the forum being down until I finally sent an email simply saying “I’m just curious, do your advertisers still pay the same amount even though the forum is down?”
    I got a pretty immediate response about how hard they were trying to fix it and it was back up quite quickly. Hmmmmmmm


    Life is amazing

    Thanks Irish I’ll go there.



    Phoo, that’s what I did, too.

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