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    Geeky Swedes

    First off, we apologize for taking forever to resurrect the forum. We thank you for your patience, and we deserve all the grief.

    It took some work, but we are back in business, and we’ve posted the entries that had disappeared into the ether over the last 3 weeks (minus the many, “Hello is this thing on?!” posts).

    The short answer is the system was thinking everything was spam, whisking the posts away, which took awhile to unwind. The slightly longer version is the forum has several layers of spam protection — some of it a bit custom — as we’ve been the consistent target of rather sophisticated spam and hack attacks. The price we pay for being on the web so long.

    Again, our apologies, and we’ll keep an eye out for any more funky behavior.



    Welcome back, y’all!



    Oh wow, I didn’t realize that rabbit hole went so far as to go digging through code. And I can see why you didn’t want to reinstall.


    Thanks to everyone for their hard work! It’s good to have it back.



    glad to be back, was getting ready to find a recovery group for my withdrawal



    I suspect a time warp — looking outside, it’s still clearly midsummer here!



    Thank you for bringing it back! It just didn’t seem right to not have this group to turn to for local info or what the helicopter overhead is up to. If you ever decide you need to take it down because of the spammers, I hope you will give us a little warning so we can organize something like a listserv.

    Yeah, the endless summer, Mondo. I am trying to get a group together to go to Costa Rica in January and if it were wet and cold now like it is supposed to be, I would having an easier time of it. People! It will be cold and wet in January! Really! This will end!



    Thanks GS for all the work you do here. Good job.



    Did you have to wipe all the old posts to restore the Forums? When I click the Forums link on the Nav banner I see nly white space where all the posts should be.



    The forums are still there, you just can’t see all of them at a glance. If you select open forum, you’ll see the old posts along with the new posts. If you want to see the classified, exit the open forum and choose classifieds.



    Right – what’s happening is if you click on the Forums link you no longer go to the list of posts you are one level up.



    Maybe if you would post something on the front page to let people know your back up?



    They did. It’s on page 3 now. Somehow there should be a way to make an article stick on the top or maybe just the headline.

    Forum back up and running



    Sorry again I missed all y’all the first week in Oct, was there & did all sorts of Ballard stuff with my niece and brothers, just wasn’t meant to be, I guess. Maybe next year, folks.



    When the board was down I mentioned to PennyGirl that I hoped it didn’t effect meeting up with you :(

    Next Year…. Cheers


    Miss Wahoo

    “Maybe if you would post something on the front page to let people know you’re back up?”

    “They did. It’s on page 3 now. Somehow there should be a way to make an article stick on the top or maybe just the headline.”

    I’ve participated in other forums w/ similar front pages where such posts/stories would be designated as a “sticky”. They’d stay at the top, like the pale yellow “Forum Rules…” thread does, until a moderator removed them. But those websites looked completely different, so it might not be possible on this one.

    Glad it’s back up, but I completely got out of the habit of visiting here.


    Pixl Pete

    I used to find useful local info here, but it seems like a ghost town now.



    FWIW, I kept coming back to my forum bookmark:
    and thought it was still down…that could be why there is so little activity…
    folks aren’t used to having to click “open forum” (the url has changed).



    calliope – well the forum is still here and there are some people on it but the “thrill has gone” so to speak. People don’t seem to be spending a lot of time here like they did in by gone days. It used to be that on a Saturday night (or any night) a topic would start and then people, lots of people, would post all kinds of posts and it would create a banter for all of the next week or longer. But now there is a lull. I hope it gets back to the way it was..



    RIP My Ballard, the forum is done, even the lonely cat ladies have left.

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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