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    Hello – yes I am sure that this topic has been covered in the past but I am interested in the reviews of current and newew members to BAC. I may be in the market since Olympic Athletic Club sent me my renewal notice and the dues have gone way up, in spite of the fact that I was originally told that with the kind of prepaid membership I joined under the dues would not change as long as I kept renewing prior to it’s expiration. I was paying $540 for 15 months and it went up to $660 for 13 monhts!!! I am in “negotiations” with them now. Luckily, I kept copies of correspondence and my contract that I can use :-)

    But I am shopping gyms anyway. I honestly don’t utilize any of the fancy new stuff, or pools, or racketball courts, etc at OAC, and the gym is pretty much my supplemental work out option since I prefer to get my exercise outside.

    Thank you for your input in advance :-)



    You should give them a call and get the tour.

    Pros: They are up-front about the cost – it’s posted on their web site and there are not weird negotiations on the price. All the classes that they offer are included in the price (the class list is also posted on their web site – yoga, zumba, strength training, etc). Parking is also included, but the lot is halfway down the block and it can get full during peak times.

    Cons: It’s a fairly basic set-up – various bikes, stair climbers, treadmills, weight training machines & free weights, plus one room where they hold classes. No basketball court, no pool. Since you say you don’t use that stuff, this might be a good option for you. At $390.00 for a year, it would certainly be cheaper.

    Oh yeah, a large percentage of people seem to go there to work out rather than gawk at others. Some gyms can feel like a singles bar. Guess that’s pro for some people and a con for others.



    Just FYI – I have decided to join Ballard Health Club. My brother is friends with the new owner and says he is a great guy and I have heard nothing but good things about the club. I have toured there a couple of times and it looks like it will fit my needs perfectly.

    I would have stayed with OAC if they had fulfilled the deal I was promised when I joined back in 2009. Despite having in writing (I kept a copy of the email that was sent to me by their membership director at the time) that my rate and term would not change as long as I kept renewing before expiration, they found wording in the original contract that basically allows them to renig on this written promise. My dues would have gone from $540 for 15 months to $660 for 13 months. Even though they may legally be able to do this, it exhibits very poor business practices in my opinion. I am tempted to post my experience on YELP?

    So now I will pay $390 a year instead and will happily do so :-)


    Sunset Hill Irish

    PDaddymom — Please contact the Consumer Protection Division of the state attorney general’s office about your concerns with the Olympic Athletic Club. These kinds of lifetime membership bait-and-switch activities are one of the deceptive consumer activities that gave rise to Washington’s consumer protection statutes. Sadly, there is an entire chapter of the Revised Code of Washington dedicated to athletic club memberships. New ownership does not usually otherwise alter the nature of the contractual relationship between you and OAC. The AG’s office can be reached at 1-800-551-4636. Please, don’t just post on Yelp! and think that’s enough. Contact the AGO’s Consumer Protection Division and the BBB to lodge complaints and explore the recourse and protections you have as a consumer. You may still decide that such shoddy management does not warrant your continued business but you may do something meaningful to protect others.



    The thing that bothers me most about OAC is the 60 plus year old guy in the men’s locker room who stands there naked as the day he was born bent over with his head crammed under the hand drier after he showers. Will someone tell saggy a*s dude to put some clothes on and use a hair drier?



    SHI – well my membership was not sold as a lifetime membership. I believe what happened is that the membership director was just in full on salesman mode and promised something he shouldn’t have. And if I had the time I would read through the contract statement the general manager quoted me and I would guess that it somehow covers them legally. But I just don’t have the time to dig into this. Sorry.

    Edog – hahahahaha. I know what you mean, this kind of thing happens in women’s locker rooms also – I guess as some people age, they just don’t care what they let hang all out there!

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