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    Hey history junkies:

    Paul Dorpat & crew are featuring Leary Ave in this week’s Now & Then. So far, the part featured in the Seattle Times is posted here:

    Overnight and into tomorrow they will add scads more photos and links. Unlike the Seattle Times versions of these, his blog has nice hi-res versions of the images (when available).



    thanx GAM, I never looked at these on the web before. My grandfather used to save all the Ballard related ones because it reminded him of his growing up, even since I loved this series and look out for the old North end ones when I can.



    Today, I was on Leary Way today renting a U Haul truck. The area is being trashed by transients. There’s numerous parked vans and cars crammed with trash and garbage. Litter all over the sidewalks and parking strips. If you need a shopping cart, swing by 11th NW and Leary and pick one up. Are the bums taking over?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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