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    plasticbags – yes it is a bit messy there at the moment, I never see the owner!

    I was wondering what happened with you and your place. That is interesting.
    Come to think of it I never see you either! :)



    You too, huh, Marigold? It’s a great plan, isn’t it? Where would you go first?

    We’ve rented our place out for three previous summers and it worked out well. We’re doing that this summer for five months, which will go straight into the travel kitty.

    That’s interesting that there are young techies renting in your area. Are those houses they’re renting? Townhouses?



    CR – the problem for me is that I have travelled to quite a few places and I grew up in Wales. I seem to have landed in one of the best places in the world and as I look at the info on the web and media it is very difficult to think of a better place to be.
    Been to :
    Sri Lanka
    Hong Kong

    Seattle is still the best place to be, for me.



    VB, I often think the same thing. Seattle is such a fantastic place to live that it makes it hard to leave. But you can always come back. Our plan is to maintain a home base here indefinitely. But we’re itching to travel more.

    You’ve been to a lot of places! Where out of those are your favorite? The only ones I’ve been to on your list are Bolivia, Peru and Mexico. Also been to Nepal, South Africa, New Zealand, Belize, Honduras, Croatia, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic. There’s nothing more I love than exploring new places. We’re going to Croatia and Istanbul later this month. Can’t wait!



    Recently we relocated (temporarily) to S.Cal for Mr. L’s job. Several realtors, assigned by a relocation company, appraised the house for sale, give us marketing plan, etc. Though they were competent, neither were local – one from Burien, the other from Everett. I think both fell short on estimates of our home. Since I agree with VB that Seattle is one of the best places (though maddening at times) in the world, we decided in the end not to sell. The place is rented to a friend now.
    Anyway, other people from Mr L’s office are also moving here. One of them lives someplace in Ballard and recently listed his home in the mid $600’s. He had 10 offers, several were all cash. The highest was all cash in the mid $800’s! And buyers want occupancy in seven days. Co-worker was probably assigned one the agents that was assigned to us – it is crazy how far off the list price was from the market’s price.



    CR – wow you have been to some great places.
    Most of my travelling was done back in the 1980s when I was married to a flight attendant, after we split up I have not done a lot of travelling. Of all of those places Sri Lanks and Cusco, Peru were both very special, but there are so many, obviously Wales means a lot to me and there are so many beautiful places there.
    Croatia looks very interesting and beautiful. Parts of The Game of Thrones is filmed there and makes me want to go there!



    lakreitz – Wow cash for an $800K house, I can just picture them arriving with a case full of bills. :)



    Lakecreitz, that is crazy! Seattle is increasingly becoming like Vancouver, where cash offers way above the listing price has been the norm for some time. But seeing that here more regularly surprises me. Who are the people making these cash offers? Rich techies? Foreign investors? Foreign investment, largely from China, has been the primary force driving real estate values into the stratosphere in Vancouver, but that’s been the case for a long time.

    VB, I loved Cusco! And I’d love to see Sri Lanka. Good thing you got in a lot of traveling before splitting with the flight attendant – gotta take the perks where you can get ’em!

    We got married in Croatia 10 years ago and are going back to renew our vows and sail in the same area we went on for our honeymoon. It is a really beautiful country.



    A friend who is local agent told us, much to our surprise, that most of the people buying single family homes around here right now are retirees from elsewhere that want some city life. I had thought it was tech employees too, but he said most of them don’t have the down payment $$ yet – so they are renting all the new condos/townhomes/apodments etc going up instead.

    I keep seeing the median per sq foot price near us creeping up and up- more than mind boggling when you do the math of what just getting “median” would mean for us….way too tempting on top of my growing dislike for this city…



    CH, that is so interesting. I haven’t heard that. Would you be willing to pass along your agent friend’s name and contact info? I’m a journalist and would be interested in finding out a little more for a possible freelance story. Please contact me at ballard58th g email service and let me know if you’d be willing to put me in touch with your friend. Thanks!



    That is who bought my Fremont house. An older couple, not quite retired. Their son and his girlfriend are living in it now. I suspect the plan is for the parents to take it over once they retire.



    The all cash offers are the folks that are determined to buy. Many have already sold a house and are waiting and ready to go with their pile of cash. The mortgage process is completely insane and with the rapidly escalating process, it’s going to get worse. We are well qualified to afford the place we bought here, but the application process sure didn’t make it seem that way.

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