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    phoo – just read your post re: my post, and your right. Here is a link to what it was about:

    Two Buck Chuck accused of containing animal remains

    FWIW I had read about rodents and other non grape items ending up in the vats and I am sure it happens to some degree.



    The HufPo is notorious for “high” journalism standards (read: very low standards). As far as wine goes, I think the real test that matters is whether it tastes good. I don’t care if it’s $1k wine, if I don’t like it, it isn’t worth $5.



    eWWWWW … Non vegan wine



    Hey Phoo, did you see this one about candy from Denver?

    FWIW, what is it that ‘muricans have to have sugar/sugar substitute in every thing? If you want THC, smoke a joint.

    Kirk’s defense attorney Shanelle Kindel noted that the package of “Karma Kandy” bore no information about suggested dosages. And though Bisgard said Kirk’s THC levels were relatively low, Kindel said the effects of marijuana edibles can be felt in small amounts.



    Shelley: Have you ever heard of the “Twinkie defense?” Er, never mind… it seems to be an urban legend

    Just the same, the story sounds pretty farfetched. Marijuana IS a hallucinogen, but people are more likely to clam up and rock back and forth than become violent. But it IS an easy thing to claim “hey, it wasn’t me maaaaan… it was the DRUGS!”



    People commit crimes and exhibit criminal behaviour every single day under the influence of alcohol.

    Better ban it, ASAP.

Viewing 6 posts - 126 through 131 (of 131 total)

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