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    When you click on the user’s name, their original name they signed up with should be in the URL. For example, Shelley stated that her display name is not the name she signs in with. When you click on Shelley, the URL will show her actual sign in name (shel). Same thing with “Botanicals On Clay” (smartsyartsy).



    @rudy I’m guessing more than a few didn’t realize that was the case – makes for some interesting reading when they don’t realize which name is showing up.

    As to the original topic of the thread. If you feel in danger (and that’s a very subjective thing ultimately), collect and save the evidence in a hard copy format if you haven’t already, then file a police report.

    Since clearly much of this is happening via private messaging, and the site management are MIA, there’s not much else one can do in this type of situation. Frankly, starting a thread to call them out, though understandable perhaps, only feeds into the purpose of someone like this.



    FWIW: The poster formerly known as “Beerrated Consort” has transgendified into “Aerated Princess”

Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)

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