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    No light at the end of the tunnel? Bertha will become part of NW lore and legend, like the Sasquatch, Galloping Gertie, Namu and Acres of Clams. I hear Knute Bell has a song ready to go.



    For the win, I’ll see JM’s galloping gertie and raise him/her two sunken floating bridges and a collapsed (Husky) stadium.


    Bean Dogger

    Remember the Big Dig in Boston?



    The state Department of Transportation mentioned the possibility of “abandoning” the tunnel today. Which would kind of leave us 10 years later and nothing to show for it.


    Little Lou Lou

    In an interview today they said that they are going forward with the project. I just saw the interview, and wonder where kiro got the information in the article you cited. It always amazes me how different each of the media organizations report the same story. Oh well, believe what you want to believe I always say. Everyone’s beliefs are valid aren’t they? Beliefs in God, gods, goddesses, beliefs in whatever are all different so each one can believe what they believe. I believe in God and the goodness of chocolate.



    From my reading, it seemed like it was the reporter who brought up the abandonment suggestion, not WashDOT. I was *really* glad to read that WashDOT has denied the bulk of the tunnel partners’ requests for lots more money, and I hope they stick to that stand.

    If BB is abandoned, perhaps we could have a big televised explosives-laden implosion, as with the KingDome!



    Mondo – Just thinking, if BB is abandoned and imploded, wouldn’t everything above it (streets, bldgs) collapse? It would be quite the television event.

Viewing 7 posts - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)

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