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    Hi there Ballard Bicyclists.
    For those of you that don’t know it, tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day!
    There will be “Commute Stations” all over Seattle and the Puget Sound area:
    FYI, I will be working at the South Lake Union station.

    And…. there is an after work party:
    It will be at the Velo Bike shop and I will be working at that event.
    So come on down and join the riders having fun and explore a really interesting apartment building and bike shop, not to mention all the free food and drink and stuff!



    Hi there Ballard Car Commuters,
    For those of you that don’t know it, tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day…

    LOOK OUT!!!

    (seriously though, watch for cyclists tomorrow when pulling into traffic or opening your doors)



    I’m just imagining VB riding his bike w/trailer at high speed down one of the Via6 building’s corridors! :)

    Wow – just checked out the Commute Station map in VB’s link — there’s an incredible number of stations all over the map! Nice to see Peddler’s and Bauhaus and of course BikeSport in their new location.



    That explains all the bikes downtown today! Thought for a moment it was “bring your dog to work day” as saw lots of people with their dogs downtown too.



    Rudy +1 – Good point and well said.

    Gracie – Amazon employees can take their dogs to work, if you are in SLU area at lunch time there are people with dogs all over the place.



    Bike to Work Day really is extra dangerous and frustrating, for drivers and cyclists alike — so many people who don’t know what they’re doing, clogging up the minimal bike infrastructure we’ve got and generally being inexperienced all over the place.

    It’s a Force for Good, though, I think, because it really does get people on their bikes who’ve been procrastinating. I biked in with my wife this morning, on her first ever bike commute.



    Vegan Biker – that is amazing. Wish I worked at Amazon! Actually I have decided I have worked enough and will no longer be of the working force first part of July. Can’t wait. Have put off getting a new dog until I could be with her 24/7. Initially when Nikki died I was on desperate search for another. Couldn’t find one that tore at my heart and said TAKE ME. So come July I will have another furry child in my house. :) :) :)



    Gurple – YEAH! for you and your wife, that is great. I know you ride most days so you deserve a pat on the back. I hope the wife has a good experience of bike commuting and will do it again.
    I know what you mean about the inexperienced riders. Today down at SLU one could really tell the hard core daily commuters from the pack. Most of the regulars just sail on by and some even don’t realize it is Bike to Work Day because for them everyday is a bike to work day. :)



    gracie – I know what you mean about a new dog, I am almost ready for another rescue maybe at the end of the year unless, as you say,I find one sooner that tears at my heart and says TAKE ME…..



    I know what you mean Vegan, you go out have a few drinks, her eyes say take me, and the next morning you are like, how did I end up with this dog?

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