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    I know what I’m about to state will sound contradictory. Upfront I am not for the death penalty. But when I read about this man suffering before he died I felt no compassion at all. All I could think about how about his victims and how they suffered. He raped one woman, shot another and ordered two accomplices to bury her alive! Can you imagine the suffering and pain she went through. And the pain and suffering all others involved went through watching this. It was sick.
    Who knows – maybe it was devine intervention that caused this to be botched. Karma bit him in the ass big time.
    Granted they should haven’t done this new protocol without first knowing it worked. Seems they had trouble finding his veins.
    But as heartless as I am sounding, to the point it even surprises me, I don’t give a rip that this man suffered.



    If there is nothing wrong with torturing someone to death, than there is nothing wrong what he did to the victim.

    Don’t pass go, don’t collect 200 dollars, and get a clue.



    Edog +1, but in most states it is illegal for medical doctors, particularly anesthesiologists to be used in these procedures, so it will almost always be done by amateurs, so the likelihood of a botch up is high.

    BTW most healthcare professionals would not help in these cases, against licensing rules and the Hippocratic oath.



    I saw documentary about the death penalty once that interviewed the people who run executions. I recall the warden saying that the biggest opponents of the death penalty are the people who carry it out.


    Jimmy Rustler

    “maybe it was devine intervention that caused this to be botched”

    I’m not religious at all but if there is a god, I doubt he would be hanging about at death row executions and purposely messing them up in order to cause someone’s suffering.



    On a lighter note, the film This is The End deals with someone who prays for someone elses death in a funny way.


    Bean Dogger

    Oklahoma is another out of control state much like AZ. Punishment has little to do with any of this, it is all in the name of profit for the private prison industry. This is an industry that lobbies state legislatures for harsher sentencing laws to increase prison populations and thus their profit margin. These same organizations are behind providing these highly questionable and illegally obtained drugs used in executions. We may as well adopt the Saudi method of execution and start cutting off heads.



    Interesting discussion. I just read the Wikipedia article on Capital Punishment in the US.

    Though personally opposed to the death penalty I wonder if we haven’t defeated the deterrent component of the penalty by making sure the death row people die a humane death? Likely moot, because many studies have shown that few people convicted and put to death would have been deterred by the consequence.

    Putting someone to death is a long, very expensive process with delays, appeals, pardons, commutations, reprieves and more. I note from the Wikipedia article that Washington State is one of two that still allows death by hanging, though it is at the discretion of the prisoner, while in New Hampshire it is at the discretion of the Corrections Dept.

    Though not arguing the innocence of this particular individual, I do not have the confidence in the correctness of the justice system to avoid wrongful convictions to say the death penalty is justified. There is always the chance the individual is innocent. That chance is far greater than I consider acceptable.



    I’m not pro-execution but, if they are going to kill someone and want to do it painlessly, I wonder why they don’t just use carbon monoxide? From what I hear, it’s easy to make and people don’t even notice they’re dying. On the subject of punishment and justice, I am planning on reading “Payback”
    I heard the guy on NPR and it sounds very interesting.



    I will be in favor of the death penalty when all executions must be done publically and attendance is required by all citizens. Make sure you bring your kids. If it’s the right thing to do then it’s good for kids to see.


    Jimmy Rustler
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