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    Does anyone here know if they are opening as planned tomorrow (1/15)?



    I don’t know but I promised myself I would not post on another thread about them until they run another absurd fundraiser so I’ll keep quiet for now.



    Maybe after the grand opening they’ll launch an exclusive after-hours “patch & paint” party. Only open to exclusive Ballard residents, pay $50 and get the opportunity to patch and paint all the scuff marks from the night of the grand opening?



    ah, that’s the Rudy we all know…



    Cheers Old Guy!


    Allison W

    I’m pretty sure they are already open in some capacity. Maybe soft open?

    Speaking of, consort and I made our way over to Bourbon and Bones for THEIR hard open last night. Still some kinks to work out, but the fried chicken is perfection.



    Thanks for the heads up Allison. Bourbon&Bones > Crepes in my book (sorry Anita). I’ll have to check it out soon.



    I need a consort. Is that a seeing eye dog in layman’s terms?



    Does Bourbon and Bones have a sign? I’ve been wondering what replaced Anita’s; all I could tell was that it is some kind of bar.


    Mrs. Whatsit

    B & H seems to have been open for about a month. I suppose since they haven’t used flyers to alert neighbors in the immediate vicinity, or even set out a sandwich board, that they are mostly interested in their friends showing up.
    Must be using the Slate coffee business model.

    And they say Seattleites are unneighborly!



    B & H is having their “official” Grand Opening tonight although I imagine they have been soft-opening for awhile. Checked their menus (food and drink) on their website and didn’t see much that interested me but others might like it.



    I have been maybe 5 times since they soft opened last month both mid-week and weekend and both early (5p) and late (10-midnight). I have been really enjoying it. It has been pretty full.

    I would say that like most places casually labeled gastropubs it is not first and foremost a pub and is not particularly pub like in feel. The food is modern American with Asian influences. Mike Wisenhunt after all came from Revel and the sous chef Lieu Hoang came from Poppy. Execution on the food has been excellent. They have a talented and hardworking kitchen. I have eaten just about everything on the menu plus a number of specials. A few standouts: the fried lardo with pickled quince is one of my new favorite snacks; toasts with berbere spiced pork and aioli; the cold smoked potato salad with green goddess sauce and olives with pecorino cheese (it sounds very retro but the smokiness is very surprising, the sauce very lightly used, and the pecorino and olives really make the dish pop); pickled oyster shooters on the late night menu; the chilled dungeness crab trifle (rich and delicious, the crab meet is layered with crab custard, brioche and brussel sprouts … like the potato salad a creative take on a retro comfort food); the rabbit crepinette; and the small size of broiled pork shoulder with carmelized onion kimchi and the roasted chuck steak with shio-kombu salad and pickled mirepoix are killer values I think at $9.

    A couple interesting things about the menu are that most dishes on the menu come in a small plate or larger plate option. Also on the late night menu they have “our family meal” referring to the dish that the kitchen makes for the staff. The prices vary but it is cheap and good. They have done a pork ramen with six minute egg & brussels sprout kimchi that was I think $8.

    In terms of how it feels, I like the atmosphere a lot. I sat at the bar and at tables in the front half of the restaurant. It is lively and comfortable with good sightlines and lighting in the front. You can see the bar and into the kitchen from the whole front dining room and there are large windows to the street all around. You can see through to the back dining room as well (which is a combination of high top seating and tables. The back room is a little darker but with good fixtures and the penny flooring.

    Tap beer is all Washington and Oregon. Right now they have Maritime (lager) and Stoup (ISA) representing Ballard; Fremont (winter warmer); Two Beers (espresso stout); Georgetown (red); Black Raven (IPA) from Woodinville; No-Li (pale) from Spokane; and Pfriem (Belgian strong blonde) from Oregon. Cans and bottles are also mostly NW: Hilliard’s (Saison) representing Ballard, Rainier (lager), Avery (witt bier) from Colorado, Rogue (seasonal red) from Oregon. The spirits inventory looks good and they have a good looking short cocktail list. The bartender has good skill. I haven’t run him through his paces yet with off-list requests. The wine list is in expensive with most bottles in the 20s and 30’s and all wines also available by the pour or carafe.



    Wow, thanks KS for that post. Great summary of the place. I’ll check it out for sure.



    I think they should’ve named it Doak and Whisenhunt.


    great idea

    or maybe the Whise Doakhunter— a gastropub for waterfowl.

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