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    Jimmy Rustler

    I’m thinking about going this year just because the Replacements are playing. Have any of you ever been to Bumbershoot? Is it worth it? Can I sneak in booze?


    Bean Dogger

    Bumbershoot was a great event to attend several years ago before it became a giant commercial event. The admission cost is now insane, additionally, they have taken a hint from the airline industry with premium tickets which give you “special” access to events. Which translates into those who pay more get in to the events the rest fight for the last few seats. Taking anything in that is not “authorized” is a big risk. I’m certain people do but there are eyes everywhere. Good luck, I will stay in Ballard with the sane people.



    Shoot, bummer! It’s gotten too crowded and too expensive for me. If you know those bands it might be worth it. They certainly have beer gardens scattered around. Great for people watching.



    The Replacements rocked!!! Great show!
    That said the ticket price for same day event is ridiculous!! =(

    Event parking price near the Center equally outrageous. We walked an extra few blocks and saved $20.



    I thought about going until I saw the ticket prices, the girlfriend and I instead went to Port Angeles for the weekend and probably enjoyed it more than we would have at the shooting of bumbers.

    never have been, always spent Labor Day weekend at my grandfather’s place on Agate Pass as a kid and once college rolled around was too busy getting ready for school.


    Jimmy Rustler

    So, my wife and I get to the ticketbooth and the tickets were $70 each! We just left. The funny thing is I would pay $60 each just to see the replacements at a real venue playing a full set.



    Replacements? Ramones wannabes? Not impressed by anything they ever did.


    Jimmy Rustler

    “Replacements? Ramones wannabes? Not impressed by anything they ever did.”

    Oldguybc, I am so sorry your account has been hacked by some maniac with questionable music taste. I will alert the media to be on the lookout for someone who is computer savvy enough to hack a forum account but has no appreciation for amazing bands. I hope everything works out for you =)



    I have gone most every year since it’s inception. Last year was horrible with awful lines, bottlenecks, you name it. This year they went back to the way they used to do things – no need for wrist bands for the mainstage – it was always open so you could come and go as you wished – it worked great! We saw Sam Lachow, Panic at the Disco and Elvis Costello. If you have a gold card with Starbucks, they have a special lounge area where you get free coffee drinks all day with wifi and no line bathrooms. Fabulous. And re the cost of tickets, if you sign up as a Bumberfan, you can purchase early and get them deeply discounted. I got ours back in May or June for $45 each. It was well worth that price. And if you take the bus you don’t have to pay for parking. Having a monthly pass partially subsidized by work makes it even cheaper.

    You do have to go expecting lines and just prepare for that and be ready to go with the flow. But this year we just seemed to time everything right and didn’t run into any lines. One criticism I do have is that they have really cut back on visual arts. Other than that it was pretty perfect.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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