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    Someone has pulled an old couch into the Ballard Commons park, and there are people sleeping on it. There are also several shopping carts filled full of garbage. I reported this to the city at:

    I recommend that others report it too.


    great idea

    I’m sure we can thank one of our generous neighbors who put it out on their parking strip with a ‘free’ sign on it.



    There’s usually a homeless caravan over on NW 45th or NW 46th near the Fred Meyer and they leave piles of trash. Yesterday, there were six or more shopping carts piled with junk and enough debris to fill a couple of pickup trucks. I’d post photos here if we could. These same idiots are constantly bothering the seven-eleven employees and customers on Leary Way.



    great idea- I doubt the “generous neighbors” put the couch on “their” parking strip. More likely they dumped it right in the park where it now rests.



    Trash? Not as bad as human waste like I have seen before (that was on the west side of the bridge when there was a small camp there a few months ago)



    Sedholm…The city finally came and cleaned out the encampment at the ballard bridge because of complaints from me and others. They seem to be monitoring it now too because the campers have not returned. So that’s why I’m asking folks to report the mess at ballard commons whenever it occurs.



    feeltheburn – I have talked to the Parks Department folks that work at the Commons and they will remove that and other trash as soon as they can, they are well aware of this problem and they do try to keep up on it but as you know it is a never ending problem.
    I actually walked past the Commons today at around 10:30 AM and didn’t notice “an old couch”! But thing happen fast in Ballard.
    I have to agree with “gi” that it was probably on a “planting strip” before it got to the Commons.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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