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    Burger King and Shell gas station and building next to Shell on 15th and Market bought out. Last day end of June. Someone bought out block and surprise..putting up yet another big building. Just what Ballard needs.



    I wonder how long until Vaupell is sold to developers? That building is an eyesore and with the prices for rent I am sure they want it removed and redeveloped.



    Hi Gracie,

    A couple of links for you regarding BK block. Martin Selig bought the block, along with the site that Trupanion now occupies. Selig is redeveloping the BK block and it looks like Trupanion will move there. Presumably Selig will then redevelop the Frelard space Trupanion is leaving.



    Times they are a changing!



    Personally, I’ll be glad to see the Burger King gone. Good riddance to shitty, unhealthy fast food, not to mention the ugly building.



    I think, if we want affordable housing, more big buildings is exactly what we need and that corner seems like a perfect spot for it. It’s not like the Burger King and Shell are lovely buildings we’ll all miss.

    I wondered what the plans for Ballard were, now that we are something like two or three hundred percent over the 1994 Comprehensive Plan growth target. It turns out that they are in the process of evaluating and amending it. I haven’t read the entire thing yet, but the 2014 sustainable neighbors assessment report is interesting. http://www.seattle.gov/dpd/cs/groups/pan/@pan/documents/web_informational/p2233677.pdf

    Surprisingly, Ballard has lower crime rates than other urban hubs and our housing cost burden is also on the low end compared to the other hubs. Not surprising, we don’t have enough parks and we don’t get much matching grant money. Time for some proper, no-nonsense, toilets, like the Portland Toilets, in our urban center!



    Compass Rose..while you may not like food, building a lot of people go there. Denny’s was an eyesore and their food not my cup of tea. But many senior citizens and such met there every day to talk with someone or have a reasonable priced place to eat. Can’t find that now. Same with bowling alley.
    and now there will be unemployed people from Burger King and Shell



    True, Gracie. But the bottom line, like it or not, is that Seattle is now the fastest-growing city in the country, and one-story buildings surrounded by street-level parking are the most inefficient use of space. It’s either grow upward or grow outward.



    I don’t see any reason why a Burger King, or equivalent, fast food place couldn’t go into the new building. If a bowling alley was profitable, that could be a possibility as well. The ground floor is bound to be some sort of retail and that will probably create at least as many jobs as are lost. The construction of the building will provide some decent wage jobs and the construction workers will likely eat, and perhaps shop, at nearby stores.

    I’m sorry if BK is your hangout. It’s always hard to lose a favorite. You might want to try Ballard Brothers Seafood a few blocks south on 15th. Very good food and also very reasonable.



    Kate, I think the new building replacing Shell/BK will be a multistory office building, not a residential building. (You can tell by the hundreds of underground parking spots included :)



    This news has been out there for a while. I will be sad to see BK go as I’ve gotten to know some of the employees there rather well and am concerned about where they’ll go. Yes it’s not the best burger in town (Red Mill or Dicks are way better) but it’s sad to see it replaced by yet another high rise building that won’t house anything new and charge more than anyone can really afford.

    here’s the best details on it:



    great idea

    this is terrific news!

    that corner really needs some definition.
    the existing conditions (large surface lot) are very dangerous for pedestrians.

    we desperately need office space in Ballard.
    this building will likely improve traffic since so many techies already live in our neighborhood.

    I won’t comment on the sheer blight of the current development



    I tend to agree that more office space, to support all of the residential that’s been added, seems like a good thing. The more people that can walk to work, the better. And I’m sure there’s increased demand for professional services such as accountants, headhunters, advisors, attorneys, etc. And that’s just off the top of my head.

    It’s hard for me to shed a tear for what we’re losing, even taking into account Gracie’s point. We have no shortage of coffee shops and such to gather in.



    SHG, thanks for that link. I wasn’t aware of that site and it’s a great resource for getting details about local developments.

    I’m baffled that anyone would bemoan the loss of a single-story fast-food restaurant and a gas station in favor of a multilevel building with office space that Ballard greatly needs. The loss of some jobs is unfortunate, but they will probably be replaced by a higher number of jobs in the businesses that occupy the new building.



    How about all the vacant spaces already in Ballard? Everywhere you look more buildings going up. Ballard is losing its feeling. Wish could retain some of its flavor. Thankfully part where I live not affected. Still older homes, big homes with character..not a flat top box. I know I am talking about condos vs office space but there are many new business spaces not filled also.



    …Ballard is losing its feeling…



    This’ll be a big improvement. The only problem with it is that it comes long after all the construction of way too many condos, many of poor design and location. Putting this one at the corner of the largest intersection in Ballard is entirely appropriate. Had this development been one of the first, it would’ve been hailed as an unmitigated win.



    spoke with the people at the Shell station yesterday, they’ll be there until Dec 31 at least. seems they’re on a month-to-month agreement now, something Burger King declined to do which is why they closed up early.

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