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    Know a lot of us have strong feelings about Apodments/Microhousing. Seattle City Council is having a public hearing Monday night at 5:30 in the Council Chambers. Get there early to sign up to speak.


    great idea

    the second last paragraph of that article sums it up:
    “Rent can start around $600 a month, and city leaders tell me the units are filling up fast, showing the need for affordable housing.”

    I honestly can’t think of a worst time for a public meeting. who has time to ‘get there early’ for a 5:30 pm Monday discussion? not so easy for working parents (let alone the working poor who actively seek out this form of housing).



    Here’s a link to the City Council’s PLUS Committee that’s handling the issue:

    Here are the members: (links on the above web page)
    Chair: Mike O’Brien
    Vice-Chair: Tim Burgess
    Member: Nick Licata
    Alternate: Sally J. Clark

    Even if you can’t make it to tonight’s meeting, try to contact at least two of the committee members with your opinions. In my personal opinion, the two biggest current problems with these are that no parking is required for what’s often a 50- or 60- bedroom building, and that they skate under design review by limiting the number of kitchens (since that’s what counts for deciding if a building is “big enough” for design review).


    Little Lou Lou

    Who shares a kitchen with strangers? are these really halfway homes or welfare housing units?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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