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    We are collecting donations at the Ballard Food Bank for those facing the wildfires in Eastern Washington this week. Items will be taken to the Methow Valley this weekend. Items needed include basic supplies like:

    -paper plates
    -baby food
    -dog & cat food

    Donations will be accepted during the following hours this week only:
    Tuesday: 8-6
    Wednesday: 8-3
    Thursday: 8-3
    Friday: 8-12

    Again, this is to support the residents of the Methow Valley who are facing the loss of their homes and displacement while the wildfires continue.


    Nora Bell

    Bump. Was wondering if there would be a donations drive. Thanks, Botanicals on Clay!



    Awesome — I had been hoping there would be a local dropoff!



    Don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’ve always heard that donations of physical goods for disaster relief causes logistical problems and to make donations in cash to the appropriate agencies. An example of this is the Oso mudslide — many donations ended up on the wrong side of the slide requiring transport to the other over a long detour. I will assume the Ballard Food Bank has made the appropriate connections so the donations will make their way to the intended recipients.

    Here’s a little information on the Eastern Washington evacuee donations situation as of yesterday at 10 AM:

    Anyone interested in assisting Red Cross efforts to help families affected by the fires can donate or volunteer. Volunteer Kathy Spencer said that financial donations are best because they allow more flexibility in how the donation is used.

    The Wenatchee Red Cross chapter posted on their facebook today: “Right now, we do not need any donations of items so please do not bring things by the shelters or chapter office.” The organization said it will put out a notice if it needs a specific item donation.

    Anyone interested in volunteering can visit for information on how to get involved.

    For help or for more information, call the Red Cross at 663-3907.


    Smells Fishy

    Sure the Red Cross tells simpletons that donations in cash to them is better than physical goods. Not that there is not some amount of truth to possible logistic issues, but like you said, the Food Bank has taken the transport issues into account.

    The Red Cross sustains itself by how much they bring in for disaster relief– NOT by how much aid they give.



    The article on the front page now says that Nancy McKinney (former Ballard Food Bank director) is handling the logistics on the Methow end. So all is well. ;)

    I’ve heard many people say the Red Cross is inefficient, but they are always there at emergency situations. And according to Charity Navigator, the vast majority of donations gets to their mission (not overhead).

    I did not understand from the original post that the BFB would have someone dealing with logistics at that end…. Sorry for the false alarm.



    Really cash is best, think about:
    the cost of a new pan that you buy at FM or Macy’s will buy 3 direct from manufacturer.
    You have no home – pots, pans, linens and towels have little use

    Cash buys propane, gasoline, motel / hotel rooms, contractors, medical services and so on.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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