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    Has anyone been through the ringer on this 3 ring circus? Seems as though the comcast tech I spoke with today recommended I buy my own modem instead of keeping the new wireless router/modem combo they sent as an upgrade.
    It’s been on the news that the new Comcast modem/wireless router combo upgrade is not too compatible with VPN protocol.
    The issue is it often drops the wifi and or lowers the connection speed below what my VPN network requires.
    Their fix is I should connect through a network cable!
    Yes, the modem is within 20 ft of the network computers so distance isn’t an issue. But really having to run wires is not in my designers book of home office decor (also not compatible with dogs).

    The other problem is what modem to buy? I will buy a separate modem and router just so I can troubleshoot which unit is failing if it ever happens.
    There are a ton of motorola modems on the internet but beware that these are mostly the old comcast modems that are being replaced.

    Anyone out there working from home on comcast using vpn and loving it? Please let me know your secrets.

    Oh, and to top it off when I mentioned the service is less than desirable they all of a sudden found a new plan that would double my TV channels for $14 less/mo???
    I don’t watch much tv I told them and can they please reduce my bill even further and not add the channels? NO!



    Funny timing – I just had to replace the Comcast modem at my place. My internet connection would drop several times an hour, on or off vpn.

    I didn’t get put through the ringer as badly as you, but it did take 4-5 calls (counting the hangups and bad transfers on their end) ten days apart. After repeated resets and remote checks I got a tech rep on the phone who said she would dispatch a tech, who replaced the modem no questions asked.

    The on-site tech said there is a known issue with particular modems here in the Seattle market. I think persistence is the key in getting Comcast to get someone dispatched. I recommend keeping on their equipment for “free” service.



    Gnomie, I bought the Motorola Surfboard 6121 they had at Costco. I think it was about $70. It has been trouble free for two years now. I could be mistaken, but I think Costco has a newer model 6141 now for about the same price. The one I have says on the box DOCSIS 3.0.

    One good thing as “gnoman” can attest is that with your own modem you don’t become part of Comcast’s “xfinity wifi” deal where you share your internet in a weird wifi hotspot thing.



    gnomie – First off I will say that we are now both retired and do not use VPN anymore, we both used to use VPN to log into King County and Boeing and it worked fine.
    Now this past year we have had a lot of trouble with our Comcast internet connection. After having different “techs” come out and check, the last one found out that the line from the street to the house was old and leaking water! That was replaced and now we have a solid, fast connection. To get to this point I replaced the modem two time and bought another router. I refuse to use a modem/WiFi router from Comcast because I want my own router behind the Comcast modem and I want to have their modem so that they can’t accuse me of messing up the connection. And also as you know, the new Comcast modem/WiFi routers have the “free” guest connection that is open to any Comcast customer, I don’t want that and in order to turn that off you have to contact Comcast and request that they turn off that feature in their Modem/WiFi Router!
    Anyway my suggestion is to go up to the store on Stone Way and get a DOCSIS 3.0 Modem, just the modem, the one I have is a Ubee DVM3203B it is currently EOL but it works great. And I have a D-Link gigabyte WiFi router that has Powerline 500 built in so I just bought a bunch of the Powerline adapters and plug them in where I need a wired connection and they work great. BTW if you work from home and want the fastest connection you might want to use a Gigabyte router with CAT 5e or CAT 6 wire from the modem to the router and then with a gigabyte NIC in your computer and the same type of cable you should have the fastest connection to work on.
    Probably more than you want to know but I hope this helps.



    I echo what VeganBiker and Shelley said and for a modem stay away from ebay (for this item only), there has been many stolen modems sold and will not be supported by anyone. Make sure it is a DOCISS 3.0 or higher I like the Motorola line have had a 6120 for a few years and works great at 50Mbs , VPN works well through the Motorola modems also the issues are usually with the routers / wiFi interface –

    Also the added plus with owning your own equipment is Comcast will not charge you a rental fee (now about $8.00 / m)



    Anyone else notice the recent news story that Comcast will be doubling internet speeds for those of us currently getting ~25mbps and ~50mbps service, and boosting the ~100 mbps service to 150mbps? I’m sure it has nothing to do with CenturyLink’s activities, but I welcome it anyway.



    Mondoman – I just started noticing that Comcast is advertising a speed upgrade! I can’t wait to see and experience that. And “no” nothing to do with the C-Link upgrades I’m sure.

    FYI, for anyone who is interested in telephones, computers and the internet there is a fascinating book that I just read, “Exploding the Phone” by Phil Lapsley. Check out the web site:

    Very interesting reading and amazing to see just the short time it has taken to get to where we are today.



    VB, Monodoman, Comcast has an unwritten policy to always be the fastest internet speed at the lowest cost for that speed in the market, so, yes C-link is an effect (just like Verizon was in Bothell)

    VB, the growth really needs to viewed from 1984, when the bells were broken up. It is amazing on the amount of technology the bell system was sitting on.



    Disable the wifi hot spot. I did.

    On your home network, go to your account on the internet, select user & preferences, look up your service address and underneath that it will say, MANAGE your WIFI, you can then DISABLE your personal home hotspot!!



    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the responses but it sure feels like something is missing (where are all the trolls and the derogatory, off track comments)? Kind of miss the banter.

    The old comcast modem was a Motorola Surfboard 5100. I also noticed that most of the compatible modems recommended by comcast are the Motorola Surfboard models (xfinity approved devices).
    My old SB5100 was experiencing some issues (I think it is a 2.0) which forced me to accept the upgrade. The comcast tech told me to look up “compatible comcast modems” and purchase one of the recommended models. Yes, it should be a DOCSIS 3.0 for my use.
    I just purchased an Arris TM 722G which has great reviews and is a comcast approved device. These are hard to come by as it seems I’m not the only one doing this circle jerk.
    For the router the jury is still out (any recommendations).

    According to reviews, when you return your old equipment to comcast be sure to get some kind of receipt or tracking/delivery confirmation info as they say that comcast is infamous for denying that they received your equipment. I can just imagine the conversation and wasted time about canceling your modem rental:^)

    Once I get the new modem shipped (not to my door) and set up I will respond with my results.



    Re: routers, stay away from recent Linksys/Cisco/Belkin (same company) consumer stuff. The models from the last 3 or 4 years are just bad.

    I stopped using Netgear stuff more complicated than a switch (i.e. anything that can have its software updated) many years ago because their support and driver/software writing was buggy and/or unavailable, likely because they had outsourced it to the lowest overseas bidder.

    The latest Asus routers have gotten good reviews.



    I agree finding a router that will do everything that you need is difficult, I am using and old D-Link 825 – it supports all my needs, I tried Netgear it failed in performance and abilities so badly that I now use it as a switch and a wireless extender (does this just ok)

    I also prefer wired networks over wireless wherever possible , 1GB of bandwidth v/ 300Mb, better security, tivos, computers and printers play much better and leaves plenty of wireles BW for our phones and tablets


    Ryan willson

    Comcast recently increased speeds for subscribers in the Houston market, but only for customers who are subscribed to cable television as well as internet.
    Customers who have the 60-Megabits-a-second tier and whose internet service is bundled with up to four other Comcast products will see their download speeds jump to 150 Mbps. Customers on the 150 Mbps tier with the Starter or Triple Play packages will increase to 250 Mbps.
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    Ryan – wow you dug this thread up from the past!4 years old!
    FWIW, we still have Comcast and are now getting D/L speeds faster that 300 Mbps!
    Just did this test:

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