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    OK fellow Ballardites. I have a residential window question. Legacy 1930’s Cape Cod window frame in house holding a (likely ) early 80’s aluminum double pained window. Window is fogging up and drops of condensation appear in between panes when it rains.
    Likely evident of a failed seal I suppose.
    Issue is I don’t really want to replace all the windows right now ( just did all the back and downstairs ones which were an addition from the 1980) .
    Anyone ever have just one pane replaced, whilst maintaining the original look?
    Vendors to be recommended? I am on Angies List, just wondering about your thoughts?

    PS. One of the great American double sided singles of all time. California Girls/Let Him Run Wild. Brilliant!

    Thanks in advance.



    Might be worth an email to Ask This Old House; they have been known to visit the Seattle area, and you would probably get some sort of useful info, as I’m sure this is an issue that comes up often (the house I lived in in Boston had the issue, too).



    You can have just the double pane capsule replaced. Lots of window shops will do that for you. We did it years ago when we accidentally smashed the outer pane of an 8′ tall sidelight by our patio door. I think it cost around $200 to fix. Sorry, I don’t have the name of the shop that did it anymore. Call around, I’m sure you’ll find someone who’ll do it for you.



    Thanks everyone. I will act on these recommendations and post as things unfold.



    Windorco has been a pleasure to deal with. Fair prices, and they’re willing to do just what needs doing, not try to sell you a dozen windows when only one is fogged.



    We had a similar fogging problem with a window. We are using Professional Glass Company at 107th & Aurora for a job right now. It is a small company run by a brother & sister. Nice folks. The window will have to be removed so that the replacement is the correct size. It takes a few days for the replacement to be made. You may want to hold off until it is a warmer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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